sxsw 2015


Greetings from Austin
Every year Austin welcomes hundreds of thousands of South by Southwest festival goers with open arms. I was just one of many looking to quench their creative, musical and spiritual thirst.


Don’t Mess with Texas
Texans pride themselves in being tough, just like New Yorkers. I found Austin to be a melting pot, just like Queens; and SXSW’s melting pot is a mecca for entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians, and the socially conscious.


Keep Austin Weird
Just like Queens, it was easy to feast on and find inspiration from the city around you and the eclectic people that you meet.


So Close…Yet So Far Out
Discovering hidden gems and neighborhoods was just one of many qualities reminiscent of home


Live Music Capital of the World
Also prevalent was the creative use of space and the notion of using what you have in order to “make it work.”  Although the acoustics may not have been spectacular, this bank served as a music venue for the week.


ATX Food Challenge
Texans take pride in everything.  Creating food is considered art.  Food trucks were no exception. I left New York with the intention of eating BBQ for 8 days straight, but was lured away by the abundance of delicious options.


Nature’s Swimming Pool: Barton Springs
Preserving nature is at the heart of just about any true Austinite.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” ~ Milton Berle


If I took one thing away from my experiences in Austin was that you have no excuse not to believe in yourself, no excuse to not follow your heart and no excuse whatsoever to go after your dreams.